Get Bākt, Get Better…

A unique pairing of herbal love, beans and buds





Organic Coffee

Organically grown single-estate coffee from our portfolio

Alkaline Water

Brewed in alkaline water for a hydrating beverage.

Hemp Extract

Flavorless water-soluble hemp extract using Nano-technology.

Why Are You Putting Less Hemp Extract In Your Products?

The Hemp Extract we are now using is created using cutting edge technology.  The size of the particles is so small, that it is readily available to your blood stream.  Until lab testing is approved externally, we have to rely on our employees to do the testing for us.  We agree that 10 mg of our new hemp extract is comparable to 30 mg of our previous hemp extract. Not only does this provide our consumers with the same great benefits, but it truly is undetectable to the palate and allows us to sell the product at a more affordable price.

Our Philosophy:

We strive to do everything the healthiest way, while following the law.  We believe that cannabis plants were created for our bodies and because we have an endo-cannabinoid system, our bodies know how to use those elements.  We believe that you receive the best benefit from a full spectrum of cannabinoids.  However, we understand that due to laws and regulations, this is not always possible for everyone. We encourage our consumers to make the best decision for themselves and look forward to the day when drug testing for cannabinoids is no longer necessary.