Get Bākt, Get Better…

A unique pairing of herbal love, beans and buds

Welcome to Bākt Koffee!

We are a small team of people who share a huge belief in the combined healing powers of hemp and coffee. Together we proudly offer a variety of the finest coffee and hemp infused products. We have taken our time to selectively source some of the best organic coffee beans in the world from single estate farms in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. At the same time, we have collaborated with the best in full spectrum hemp extract production. From CBD coffee to hemp and coffee infused body care products, we continue to expand in the feel-good space we call Bākt Koffee!

Organic Coffee

Organically grown single-estate coffee from our portfolio

Alkaline Water

Brewed in alkaline water for a hydrating beverage.

Hemp Extract

Flavorless water-soluble hemp extract using Nano-technology.